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SALVIA & HONUNG  är ett resultat från en vinter av lustfyllt experimenterande med de the tasty herbs from our own allotment garden. We wanted to find a flavor that is delicate and easy to drink without being fruity. In our opinion, sage's round and full flavor creates a perfect balance with the natural acidity from the kombucha. To give the taste a little boost, we have added honey. Some of the health-promoting properties commonly attributed to sage are that it helps concentration and can stop excessive sweating. In addition, it is said to be able to relieve menstrual cramps.

Sage & Honey (15 pieces)

VAT Included
  • 15 x 330 ml

    Ingredients: kombucha (water, cane sugar*, tea*, kombucha culture), sage*, honey*.
    *From organic farming.

    The sugar acts as nutrition for the microorganisms, but the final sugar content in the drink is low.

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