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Tastes good,
Does good!

Our flavors right now

a bottle of Roots kombucha with ginger flavor


a bottle of Roots kombucha with turmeric flavor


a bottle of kombucha with sage and honey flavour

Sage & Honey

a bottle of kombucha with raspberry and lemon thyme flavour

Raspberry & Lemon Thyme

a bottle of kombucha with blackcurrants flavour



Seven Flowers

lingon_apelsin_MG_3211-frilagd hemsida_e
A bottle of kombucha with original flavor

Flavor development is our passion! Furthermore, our creativity is endless. At least four times a year we release new flavors that are inspired by what the season has to offer and our own creativity. 


Lingon &


Proud of every bottle!

Roots of Malmö brews eco-certified kombucha free of preservatives, concentrates and artificial flavorings. We developed a three-step fermentation process that gives our kombucha good taste and high quality. All our flavorings are real botanical ingredients, e.g. fresh ginger, real honey, or whole apples. Roots Kombucha is unpasteurized and unfiltered, which means that all the good bacteria from the fermentation remain.

From Malmö,
With love.

Roots of Malmö was started in 2014 by the American Nick and the Austrian Matthias after several years of passionate fermentation experiments at home in their kitchen. Nick is a microbiologist, Matthias an economist . Today, they are a small but enthusiastic team and Roots Kombucha is sold all over Sweden. Our passion is not only kombucha, but also teaching knowledge of how to make kombucha. Kombucha for the people, we think!

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