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In this kombucha we combine  RASPBERRY  and  LEMON THYME . The raspberry, which belongs to the rose family, gives kombucha its sweetness. We use the vitamin C-rich fruit, but the leaves can also be used, for example in tea. Lemon thyme contributes refreshing acidity. The herb has been used both as a medicinal plant, as a natural deodorant, and as a flavoring agent for thousands of years. The Romans, Egyptians and Greeks - all used it for many different purposes. Like flavoring food or to stimulate good sleep. It was even used for embalming (those crazy Egyptians embalmed everything). Lemon thyme is a distinct species, described in writing as early as 1811. We think it has a unique flavor that provides a perfect counterbalance to the luxurious sweetness of raspberries.

Raspberry & Lemon Thyme (15 pieces)

VAT Included
  • 15 x 330 ml

    Ingredients: kombucha (water, cane sugar*, tea*, kombucha culture), raspberry*, lemon thyme*.
    *From organic farming.

    The sugar acts as nutrition for the microorganisms, but the final sugar content in the drink is low.

  • We can deliver to approximately 2/3 of Sweden's population.

    Delivery takes place once a week with Best Transport. (In Malmö, delivery is by bicycle courier.) Delivery in the evening between 5-10 pm.

    Note! Enter port code or other delivery information for the smoothest possible delivery to your door.

    Shipping costs may be added depending on order size and location.

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