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GURKMEJA  is a word that many associate with a dry yellow powder with a bitter taste.  However, for our kombucha we use the fresh version Turmeric. This South Indian root has a terrifically good and completely unique taste. Some people think the taste of our turmeric kombucha_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58_fears about 8 people. blackcurrants. However, it is the turmeric root itself that develops all these flavor nuances in the kombucha. The medical properties of turmeric and its active substance curcumin are currently being intensively researched, including in cancer research, and in traditional Indian medicine turmeric is a stalwart that has been used to cure, among other things infections, inflammations ( to example rheumatism), and digestive problems.

Turmeric (15 pieces)

VAT Included
  • 15 x 330 ml

    Ingredients: kombucha (water, cane sugar*, tea*, kombucha culture), turmeric*.
    *From organic farming.

    The sugar acts as nutrition for the microorganisms, but the final sugar content in the drink is low.

  • We can deliver to approximately 2/3 of Sweden's population.

    Delivery takes place once a week with Best Transport. (In Malmö, delivery is by bicycle courier.) Delivery in the evening between 5-10 pm.

    Note! Enter port code or other delivery information for the smoothest possible delivery to your door.

    Shipping costs may be added depending on order size and location.

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