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Step by Step

How we make our kombucha

Our mission is to produce really good kombucha

which is good for you!

Step 1
Tea making

We follow a traditional fermentation method which means we start by boiling black tea with sugar, cool the tea, and pump it into fermentation tanks.


step 2

In large fermentation tanks, our kombucha culture (SCOBY) lies in the freshly brewed tea and slowly breaks down the sugar and nutrients into organic acids, B vitamins, and enzymes. That's why real kombucha doesn't taste like tea anymore and has a low sugar content; 75-85% of the sugar is fermented away.


Step 3

We only flavor with real ingredients. We prepare these in our brewery and then put them in flavoring tanks together with finished kombucha to extract the flavor. After the flavoring, we filter out the flavoring again and only the good taste remains.


Step 4
Bottle filling

Of course, we fill our kombucha ourselves. (By the way, we also design our labels ourselves.) The kombucha that we fill in our bottles is always unpasteurized, which means that all the good bacteria remains. (That's why you can start a new culture from a bottle of Roots Kombucha.)


Step 5

Because our kombucha is unpasteurized, we can carbonate it naturally. We do this by storing our bottles at room temperature after bottling. It can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to carbonate our kombucha, depending on the flavoring.

Step 6
Cold storage

Our kombucha is stored in a large cold room to preserve quality and durability. Refrigeration means that all the good bacteria are preserved without risking uncontrolled carbonation. At the same time, cold storage leads to the precipitation of particles that make our kombucha crystal clear.

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