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about us

how it started

Roots of Malmö was started in 2014 by American Nick and Austrian Matthias after several years of passionate fermentation experiments at home in the kitchen. Nick and Matthias worked full-time at Lund University at the time. All deliveries were made with a box bike that they had bought with the initial proceeds. All labeling and filling of bottles was done by hand. Until 2016, Roots was a pure hobby for Nick and Matthias that they used their Saturdays for. When it got too big for Nick and Matthias, they hired for the first time in 2016.  

a bottle of Roots kombucha
Nick and Mattias, founders of Roots of Malmö
Matthias och Nick i bryggeriet
framsida av Roots i natten

How it's going now

Today, Roots Kombucha is sold all over Sweden. Roots is now Sweden's largest kombucha producer; indeed, the only major manufacturer that was started in Sweden and manufactures in Sweden. Our passion is not only kombucha, but fermentation in general. Since we have moved into our new premises in 2020, we have the opportunity for even more fun projects and even better quality in our kombucha. Making Sweden's best kombucha is not enough for us; we want to be Sweden's leading producer of fermented non-alcoholic drinks.


Making your own, you could say, is the secret ingredient in Roots Kombucha. We believe in — as far as possible — doing everything ourselves, from picking raw materials to delivering to the customer. That is the key behind good quality. But not only that; we also design our own labels, and we ourselves stand in stores and hand out taste samples. In this way, our company becomes an organism that breathes our philosophy from start to finish.

Roots & the Environment

Our kombucha is eco-certified, with the exception of the bottles that contain ingredients that we have picked ourselves, such as elderflowers, apples and elk grass. We strive to minimize environmental impact at all levels. The electricity we use comes from wind power, we deliver to our Malmö customers by box bike, and outside Malmö we drive a biogas truck.

Welcome to our brewery! 

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