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juice Making


Below you will find a lot of drink suggestions that we or our customers have tested and recommend.

Recommended by Roots

2 cl brown rum
2-3 slices of ginger
1 lemon wedge
1 dl Roots Kombucha 'apple & spices'
dash of sugar


Recommended by Roots

1 bottle Roots 'sage & honey'
2cl Whiskey

Recommended by Roots

1/2 bottle Roots Kombucha 'Ginger'
2cl Campari
4cl Gin
juice from 1/2 lemon
lemon wedge


Recommended by Roots

1/2 bottle Roots Kombucha 'natural'
4cl Campari
juice of an orange

Recommended by Roots

200-300 grams of frozen melon (in pieces)
1 bottle Roots Kombucha 'Ginger'
1 bottle Roots Kombucha 'natural'
some mint leaves

- mix everything into a thick liquid drink; note! Do not blend for too long to retain the carbonation.


Recommended aV  fruharvigsson

In a large, lovely red wine glass, we spoon down a large spoonful of lemon sorbet, long strips of grated lime peel, cut fresh mint and top with natural kombucha when serving! Always a hit and a conversation starter

Recommended aV  napoleon_bullterrier

Ice cold raspberries and lemon thyme and a dash of rum, some fresh raspberries. So this year's apple cinnamon as a non-alcoholic alternative to other Christmas drinks or to the mulled wine mix.

Recommended by  oscarsteenn

2 cl Sugar layer.

3 cl Beetroot juice.

4 cl Rye or Bourbon.

Top with Roots sage/honey, ice and a lemon wedge.

Recommended aV  cinecadence

Fill a copper mug with ice. Squeeze two lime wedges and insert a whole lime wedge. Top up with 6cl vodka and then pour generously with Roots Kombucha Ginger.

Recommended by  dior.gu3ye

2 spoons of Pumpapure, a little honey, fresh grated ginger, cinnamon and cold natural kombucha

Recommended aV  buffyin

4 cl dark rum
2 cl squeezed lemon
5 cl Kombucha Apple & spices
ginger beer
1 slice of lemon for garnish. Fill a glass with ice. Pour in rum and squeezed lemon.
Fill up with Kombucha and top with ginger beer.
Decorate with a slice of lemon and serve immediately!

Recommended by  missoldbring

Kombucha, bubble and orange wedge

Recommended aV  kojo kombucha

3 cl Espresso, 1 cl syrup flavored with cinnamon, top with green tea kombucha

Recommended by  _indigolight

a bottle of ginger Kombucha
3 cl of vodka
crushed ice

Recommended aV  ecilla98

4 cl of gin
2 cl squeezed lemon
Half an egg white (to get a foam, also works without)
2 cl sugar syrup
6 cl Roots kombucha elderberry (or your favorite flavor)

Shake gin, lemon juice, egg whites and syrup in a shaker without ice for a short time first, then add the ice and shake for a longer time. Pour 6 cl of your favorite from Roots into a nice glass (I like elderberry). Then fill with the contents of the shaker, can be advantageously poured through a strainer. Garnish! For this variation, I added grated lemon peel and elderflower

Recommended by  Linda deer

Making a moscow mule with your roots ginger!  4 cl vodka, 1 lime, about 10 cl roots ginger, ice and some fresh lime and ginger to decorate with!

Recommended aV  sara_thulin

Fill a glass with Roots Kombuchan raspberries and lemon to 1/3, top up with prosecco, it will be extra delicious if you have frozen raspberries in it!

Recommended by  lunahennig

1 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 squeezed lemon
1/2 to 1 dl Roots kombucha with raspberries and lemon thyme
a little syrup, and
about 1 dl of ice.
Mix all the ingredients and pour into a glass. Garnish with lemon thyme!

Recommended aV  majareg

In a jug, I prepare the super drink for all cold winter evenings and cold noses. Boil water that is allowed to cool off and grate more ginger, a tablespoon of honey and freshly squeezed lemon and two small grains of Himalayan salt.
When everything has cooled down, I mix 50/50 with a bottle of Kombucha-Ginger to enhance the strong and slightly bubbly..
Strong! Oh sooooo charitable!

Recommended by  @chilleman

7 cl Roots kombucha (natural)
5 cl hibiscus sauce with autumn spices
5 cl Whisked black currants
Wine glass filled with cubis
Garnish with a lime slice

Recommended aV  louiseedahl

Actually, elderberry is an early summer flavor, but here it is joined by juniper and thyme and suddenly it gets a slightly different character that refreshes between the Christmas marathon eating of Christmas food
Boil a layer of 2 dl of concentrated elderberry juice, a few juniper berries, peel from half a lemon and a neat sprig of thyme (dried also works!) let simmer for about 10 minutes, strain and let cool.
Mix some of the elderberry concentrate with ice, a piece of lemon peel and fill up with natural kombucha.

Recommended by  Veronica Sarge Cech

Freeze a batch of kombucha with beetroot powder and strawberry, one with blueberries or blueberry powder, one with turmeric and ginger, one with some spinach powder and mint. Freeze the kombucha icy but not completely frozen. Then take a transparent glass and use a spoon to add layer upon layer in the different colors. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this, but it is best made with natural kombucha. Should be eaten with a spoon/drank quickly :).

Recommended aV  Gitte Amina Ajjouri

2 cl Ricard and half a bottle of Roots raspberry-thyme kombucha

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