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BLACK GRAPE   is a shrub that originates from Northern Europe and Northern Asia and has long been used in herbal medicine. Probably due in part to its high levels of vitamin C (this bottle contains 50 percent of your recommended daily intake!). Ongoing research also focuses on the berries' high content of polyphenols (mainly anthocyanins and quercetin) and gamma-linolenic acid (ie evening primrose oil or GLA). Twigs, leaves and berries are all strongly aromatic, with a lovely flavor that goes well in many contexts. We use both berries and leaves as flavoring, because we think the sweetness of the berries is well balanced by the slightly sharper taste of the leaves. The leaves, which are often used in tea, can interestingly enough also be used to put pickles in. The leaves' high levels of tannins keep the cucumbers crunchy.

Black Currants (15 pieces)

VAT Included
  • 15 x 330 ml

    Ingredients: kombucha (water, cane sugar*, tea*, kombucha culture), black currants*, black currant leaves*.
    *From organic farming.

    The sugar acts as nutrition for the microorganisms, but the final sugar content in the drink is low.

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